Cantilever Umbrella


Cantilever umbrellas (also known as side-post umbrellas) are perfect for commercial and residential situations where space is at a premium and there may not be room for central umbrella poles and bases. A cantilever umbrella allows a maximum amount of tables and seating directly under the canopy as there is no need for the traditional ‘post and base’ model. Commercial-grade cantilever umbrellas are designed to handle the rigours of use in a commercial environment, where patrons need to be safeguarded if strong wind was to suddenly hit. There are several models available:

  • The Aurora cantilever umbrella , which is light-weight enough to use on a movable base, yet strong enough to handle commercial conditions
  • Our biggest, strongest and most popular model, the heavy duty Eclipse cantilever umbrella
  • The uniquely designed Spectra cantilever umbrella (for venues looking for extra “wow-factor”)

Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella by Instant Shade Umbrellas