Custom Awnings


EHBrett automatic awnings and sun blinds operate on guides allowing the blind to be easily adjusted. Automatic blinds are available in a range of fabrics and lengths to suit various applications.

EHBrett Automatic Awnings


Our Fixed Guide Blinds are a great shade solution and can be motorized which allows you to raise and lower your awnings with ease and convenience at the press of a button. Fixed guide blinds are ideal for upper story applications, full-sized windows and hard to reach places. These blinds operate on guide bars which are permanently fixed to the exterior of your building.

Fixed Guide Awning


EHBrett Folding arm awnings are ideal to cover areas such as over the back door or patio that needs shade. Folding arm awnings do not require posts or beams so they are ideal for any area where floor space is limited. This fully retractable awning can be either operated manually or using a remote control. Optional extras

  • Remote controlled operation
  • Wind Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sun Sensor
Folding arm awning