Training for our business and industry is something EHBrett have long been passionate about. It is so important to our success. So when the Specialised Textiles Association (STA) approached us as a member, for support in filming a promotional video for Apprenticeship training, we were only too pleased to get involved.

Across the country, businesses like EHBrett often report the single biggest threat to continued development is the acute shortage of suitably trained and skilled personnel. This issue has been building for many years, where unfortunately for too long, young people with an interest in designing and making things, have not been encouraged or made aware of the opportunities to pursue not only a rewarding career designing and creating items from industrial textiles but also trade training more generally.

Our business and industry has a long and proud history. From canvas sails on ships which brought the first European explorers and settlers to Australia, through to the latest in fabric technology for tension sails and membranes to protect us from a harsh environment, our industry enjoys a special place designing and making a range of items from a variety of fabrics. There are also many businesses in our industry whose success in design and creating textile solutions has won them award winning projects across the country and around the world.

Now is the ideal time to consider a career in industrial textiles, with a renewed focus on trade apprenticeships and training combined with the NSW Government waiving TAFE fees for a year.

Have a look at the below video link to see how training and a career in industrial textiles could work for you. Certainly as a business, it is something EHBrett are absolutely committed to, as you will see from our staff featured in the video.