Eastland Shopping Centre Membrane

On the first week of May we installed this beautiful 170 m2 membrane in Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, Melbourne.

The briefing from the client demanded a custom fit membrane that sealed the gap between two stories on the mall. They also asked for a hatch to allow the transfer of materials and tools between floors using a scissor lift, without having to remove the skin.

After a precise survey and with the accurate measurements, the EHBrett team designed the membrane, reinforced it with crossed webbing to be hung from 42 different points. To make it dust proof we made a skirt with a rope edge to be secured by sail track to leave no gaps between the fabric and the curved walls.

Once the design was finished we CAD patterned and plotter cut all the different pieces using our in house machine and our machinist welded and sewed all the parts together.

Due the operating times of the shopping centre the membrane had to be installed during night time. Our team got it up successfully in just two nights.