Shade Structures2

On this one the EH Brett team was asked to design, conceptualize , manufacture and install a fabric structure that would enhance the look of the school and would protect the students and staff from the weather during the drop off and pick up.

After our first visit where we inspected the space and took a few measurements, the design team came out with a proposal. Using advanced Cad Software we modeled the structure and created a few realistic 3D render images, using pictures of the school as a background, to present the proposal to the client.

After the approval we designed all the components, retouched the 3D model to be engineered and created all the shop drawings to manufacture the steel that was later powder coated in white.

We wanted to create a light and vibrant area under the structure so we decided to manufacture the membrane with the Hiraoka Sundream Cool. This highly translucent architectural PVC gives a stunning look where natural lighting is desired. In addition to high levels of light transmission, Sundream Cool has the added benefit of absorbing the sun’s Infra-red radiation, thus significantly reducing the sun’s heating effect.

After all the planning and preparation of the materials, the EHBrett team worked very hard for a week to install the white structure and membrane.Triax Akl Sadiq 3