Builders sheets

Builders Sheet for construction sites

Builders sheets

Builders Sheets are perfect for first floor and second floor additions. They can act as a floor sheet, a floor liner or a floor cover. Builder’s plastic works to minimize the risk of water damage to ceilings, floors, roofing and framing. EH Brett’s custom made sheets are made out of a woven/coated poly fabric with a weight of 250 gsm. EH Brett will manufacture the sheet to the size you want or need. Large range of sizes quality made at a competitive price.


100% Waterproof
Watertight Welded sheet
Next day delivery service to site
UV and abrasion resistant


At EHBrett we manufacture the Builder Sheets specifically for your project. There is no limits in measurements or shape and it will always be 24h delivery. Send us your measurements or a  2D Drawing of your next construction and will do the rest. Be sure that your plastic sheet gets you covered .

Builder Sheets Custom Shapes



Builders Sheets
Poly Sheeting
Plastic drop sheeting
Custom made Roof tarps/ Tarpaulins and Tarp Hire are also available form EH Brett & Sons Pty Ltd. Also known as : Floor Sheets, Plastic, Poly Sheeting, film, and Plastic drop sheeting .