Award winning unit blinds

What did the client request?

  • Our client is situated on the top level of a unit block and they expressed interest in converting their balcony into a private area shielded from wind and light rain.
  • They also wanted the option of opening up the area on nice days to let the sun through.
  • The client also wanted to extend their living area by utilising their existing balcony.


What did the project involve?

  • Due to strata regulations, having anything installed that was too permanent (i.e. a wall or shade sale) was not an option.
  • We recommend a tracked blind system that can easily be rolled up or down.
  • The blind system was manufactured to block out peering neighbours, gusty winds and help protect the area and its furniture from light rain.


What was unique or complex about this project?

The height of this project become a complex issue as the clients unit was positioned on the top floor of a block of units and access to the balcony could only be gained via stairs. This meant the frame could not be too heavy as it had to by physically lifted and manoeuvred up the staircase.

  • To improve the weatherproofing of the balcony, the design of the frame was complex as the pelmet of the blinds would act as flashing, extending the existing roof line to the edge of the balcony.
  • Also the unique frame work had to be custom made and the design and colour scheme had to complement the existing balcony.
  • The client originally wanted a rope and pulley operated canvas blind, but due to the balustrade not being directly in line with the bulk head, we recommended this spring loaded tracked blind system would be far more suitable from them.
  • We also recommended a PVC mesh to enable a more ventilated area with capability of allowing some sunlight through whilst still creating a private area.


Where there any particular challenges to over come?

  • The weather proofing had to be done in away that allowed it to be installed from the floor level as there was no easy or safe roof access. This meant designing the frame to slip up in behind the cladding of the bulkhead as the frame was moved into position.
  • The other challenge was due to the access and limited space our installation team had to be able to dismantle the frame and blind whilst still maintaining the frames structural integrity. Along with handling the blind inside the small unit before squeezing it out into position on the balcony.


Did the project achieve or exceed the client’s needs?

  • The project was a success, the end result gave the client the secluded semi outdoor weatherproof area that complimented the existing balcony and unit block.
  • The client was delighted that these blinds created another room in their small unit.
  • The tracking blinds were that much of a success that the body corporate for the unit block want us to install this same blind system on every unit balcony in the building!